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Our Top 3 Gifts/Ideas for this Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s day is rapidly approaching, I find myself slowly stressing about what to do/get for Ryan. This will be our 5th Valentines day together and I thought I would share some things we have done for each other in the past for you all! Some of these were taken from the many amazing Pinterest ideas out there and others Ryan and I just came up with!

1). Couple’s Pillow Cases

Ryan and I got these pillow cases about two years ago, but they are still so cute and functional! The link provided below leads you to the exact design that we have, but if you search there are tons of similar pillow cases with different cute designs. This Valentine’s gift is super thoughtful without breaking the bank!

2). Valentine’s Day Beach Picnic

Having romantic picnics on the beach is one of Ryan and my favorite pastimes. Here are the steps for making it happen! - Find a semi secluded spot at your favorite beach - Bring a big quilt to lay everything down on and one other comfy blanket incase it gets chilly! - Stop at a grocery store like Whole Foods where you can get your favorite food for the picnic, or make a super easy dish at home to bring! Ex: On one Valentine’s day I made macaroni and cheese and packaged it in these cute heart shaped foil tins! You can buy them here - Bring some safe candles and matches to create a little ambience - Make sure to remember a portable speaker

3). “I Love You” Vocals on Canvas

Personally, this is my favorite gift I have given to Ryan, yet! When you visit you are able to personalize your own canvas size, color, and frame. After you’ve chosen how you want it to look, you are led to a recording page where you can say whatever you want! The website takes your recording and puts the sound wave on your canvas! Canvases start at $75, but it is well worth it. Voice Art makes the process really easy and the result is amazing!

If you loved any of these ideas and decide to do any of them for your significant other, comment below and feel free to tag us in any posts! Now I need to figure out what to do this year....(;

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