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Kit & Ace

Today was rad!

We were invited to Kit & Ace (one of their pop-up stores) for a quick little fitting/design session. Kit & Ace are out of Vancouver, Canada, and are owned by the same people who own Lululemon. These pieces are for people who are the most comfortable in their workout clothes and want to wear them everywhere! You guys... The quality of these clothes are absolutely incredible. If you have a chance to visit one of these stores, take the opportunity and try on a few pieces. You won't take them off. Ryan left in one of their shirts as you can see in the video...

We met the team at the Carlsbad location, and gave them our honest input (how they fit, what we liked, what would we change, etc.). Overall, it was a blast. They also hold yoga nights, healthy meal planning inspo nights, you name it. This company rocks and we were honored to be involved. Thank you Kit & Ace for having us out!

*Yes we got In-N-Out after a fit modeling gig!! Pretty standard.

Here is the recap from our day:



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