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Inside Jessica's Room

The Mermaid Lounge

Ryan and I have been constantly thinking about what we wanted to share with you guys next. We decided that we wanted to share more of ourselves with you and what better way than sharing my room with you all!

Bedroom, sanctuary, haven, all words that explain a room so common, but also carrying such different meanings to each individual. My bedroom contains so many memories and has been my little escape for every phase of my 20 year old life. It has gone from pale lavender, to Ikea modern, to what it is now, a mix of beach and cottage. Most of my furniture is from antique shops located in Downtown Fullerton and Old Town Orange. I love getting furniture from antique shops because they have so much history, usually fall in my price range, and mostly have the rustic style I’m always looking for. My personal favorite is my wallpaper that makes my room look like its made from cream distressed wood. I feel like it really brightens my room, makes it seem bigger, and ties everything in perfectly. I simply HAD to string some white lights throughout my room to make it seem magical at night, like many people do! Among the many pictures I have up on my walls, there is one canvas photo of Ryan skimming, what he loved to do when we first met, and another framed photo that I took of him at the beach. I love having his photos up as art on my walls. In another life I secretly would want to be an interior designer, but for now I’ll just have fun pinning my favorite rooms, and drooling over interior design on Houzz. Click on each picture above to read a little blurb about where I got what!



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